Love Letter to the World

A foreword

Chau-Doc-Sunrise-3_thumbFor a long time, I have felt an urge, a calling, a desire to write a Love Letter to the world – it was as if there was an impetus from some Higher Power that was urging me to do it, impressing on me what needed to be said. I’ve struggled with how to write it – do I write it as if it came direct from this Universal Intelligence, direct from God, or do I write it as if it was what I would say on God’s behalf? I struggled with this for ages, unsure how to approach it – I wanted to impart the true importance and significance of what I was putting on paper, I wanted to bring through with true clarity and force that these were not my thoughts, but straight from the Divine – and yet not presuming to write in His name, unable to make that step into writing it as if from God herself.

In the end, I felt that God was allowing me to write it on Her behalf – His thoughts, Her guidance, His leading, expressed through my words. And I guess that’s what any of us do – we allow God to express Herself through us. So I hope I have been a clear and clean channel to write this. I hope I have heard God clearly. I pray I have been able to express the mind and heart of God to you. I hope I have not put my own ‘spin’ on it. I trust that most of this is from the Divine and little of it is of me. I long that it speaks to your hearts, to your minds, to your souls, to the inner depths of your being – that it wakes something deep inside you.

One thing. For simplicity, I’ve chosen to call this Higher Power, this Universal Intelligence ‘God’. You can use whatever words you like – ‘The Universe’, ‘Higher Intelligence’, ‘Love’, ‘The Divine’, ‘Infinite Wisdom’ – it doesn’t change the heart and the truth of the message.

And please know that I haven’t written this to communicate deep spiritual principles. I haven’t written this to be poetry, or literature. I haven’t written this to be pretty, or fine words, or a beautiful story. I haven’t even written this to change your thinking about God, about a Higher Intelligence. I certainly haven’t written this to launch a new faith, or to rally people to a cause.

I have simply written this because I was asked to – to express my understanding of God’s love and compassion to a world that’s clearly hurting. I hope that in some way it heals that hurt, that it brings peace, that it brings truth – and that it helps you. I pray that it helps humanity to know that they are loved, that they are not broken, and that God… The Universe… The Divine… truly cares.

Tim Hodgson

Lhasa, Tibet

June 2011

A Love Letter to the World

To My precious, beautiful people . . .

My dear, beloved friends – you’ve been used to having someone speak to you on God’s behalf – to act as a go between, to be the voice of God to you. You have looked to your priests, to your ministers, to your rabbis, to your leaders and teachers to do this for you – to interpret the word of God to you. And again, these words you read today are, I hope, spoken on behalf of God Herself.

And yet this can be so different – from this day onward. God longs to speak with each of you directly, as a friend – to whisper His truth into your hearts – to tell each one of you what the Universe knows, what the Universe holds true at its core – that God loves you. You, the individual reading this. You, the human being, with all your thoughts of weakness and inadequacy. You, who believes that you could never be truly loved by God. Yes, you.

God’s love has never been merely words – it has always been power, and strength, and truth. It has been quiet as a whisper, and as loud as thunder. It has come to you through the touch of another, or through the whisper of the words of a song. It has come to you from the beauty of the world around you, through a sunset, through the sound of a child playing, the whisper of the leaves on the trees. It has come to you through the pages that you read, through the stories you have been told, the movies you have watched, the television that has caught your attention. It has come to you through those around you, through your friends and your family, through a total stranger or your closest companion. It has drifted to you on the breeze, and howled around you in the storm. It has risen through your heart, it has echoed through your mind… and it has called out to your being, quietly and yet insistently.

And on your better days, the words of God have touched your heart…have reached into your soul. On your better days, you have listened – and you have heard the voice of Love speak to you – as it always longs to do. To bring clarity, to bring truth, to bring guidance, to bring hope, to bring understanding, to bring the whispers of Love itself. Surely you know that God would not leave you alone? Surely you know that God wants to speak with you, share with you, be in conversation with you, walk alongside in every moment – to share your joy, to share your pain, to share your dreams, to share your disappointments, to share your longing – and to guide you, teach you, encourage you, support you? Surely, if you look deep within, you know that God would never leave you alone – that Love will always walk with you?

Yet you fear that Love. What do you think it will reveal – your darkest secrets hidden in your heart? Your weaknesses? Your obsessions? Do you think it will reveal something you do not want to be seen?

Surely you know that Love sees all, knows all? Surely you know that Love peers into the hidden corners of your being – that it brings light into every place, into every part of you. Can anything be hidden from such Love?

And yet, you should know this – God sees your perfection. Love sees the innocent, longing for love and compassion. Love sees the being of power, ready to step out into a new expression of who you truly are. Love sees the great lover, ready to touch the world with tenderness and warmth. Love sees the hero, ready to sacrifice all, risk all, to lay down his life for another. Love sees the wizard, ready to change the world with a word, a gesture. Love sees limitless power, wrapped up in flesh and blood, in heart and soul, in spirit and mind – brought to earth in your humanity.

Love knows that only one thing lies between you and your dreams. One thing lies between you and your true destiny, the revealing of humanity’s awesomeness. Not the poverty and injustice, although Love sees that and longs to wipe it away. Not the world’s violence and cruelty, although Love sees that too, and longs to heal it. Not the damage that you have done to the world’s amazing eco-system, although Love sees that, and longs to reverse it. Love sees all these things, and yet Love looks around at each of you and sees one thing – one thing that stops you stepping into the glorious being that you are, from stepping up and taking your place on the next step of humanity’s evolution.

No, there is only one thing that stops you reaching your potential. Only one thing that stops you living your life the way it was supposed to be. Only one thing stopping you being the incredible, amazing, glorious, wonderful, magical being that God intended for you to be – and, really, that you actually are.

Simply, you do not believe in the truth of who you are – you do not see the glory of God in each of you. You do not see the limitless power, the incredible love, the nature of God inside each one of you. You see yourself as somehow broken, wounded, limited. You see yourselves as separate from God, separate from each other. You see yourselves as weak, lost, powerless, restricted, stuck – and if only you would see yourselves as the limitless beings that you truly are – ready to step into the glorious expression of your true nature.

God is, truly, doing a new thing on the earth today – bringing a new truth, a new clarity, sweeping away the old – old beliefs, old structures, old stories about who you are, in order to make way for a new truth about God – in fact, a new truth about yourselves.

Divine Love is calling you to a new freedom. A freedom to be yourself, to stand up and be who you choose to be. A freedom to live life without limits, to throw off the limitations that you put around yourselves. A freedom to explore what is truly possible for you as a Child of God – to explore the power that lies within each of you. You are more powerful than you know – and yet you are one by one waking up to discover this – to know it deep inside your being.

That Love has loved you, the precious children of God, for so long. That Love has watched you struggle, watched you longing for love, dreaming of peace. You think that if only you can touch God, reach out to something outside of yourself, discover some magical law of the Universe, then everything will change.

And yet here is the truth, the truth that you know somewhere deep inside, the truth you are being reminded of today – the magic is inside you. You have the power, the ability, the energy to change your world, to create miracles. There is only one thing that stops you – you believe you do not have it. You think that you are broken, or incomplete, when you have been fashioned as whole, as complete, when you have been created as perfect beings. You look to some hidden truth to change you, or to a love affair to complete you. You believe there is something missing when in truth, you have everything you need.

Many of you live in fear of the years to come – yet here is the truth: 2012 will not mark the end of the world, but the end of an era. The end of an era of blood, and the beginning of an era of peace. A moment of change, of opportunity, of truth. The chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again – to look into a future of promise, of potential, of possibility, of discovery, of growth, of evolution. Will you take that chance? Will you reach out and take hold of the opportunity in front of you? Will you see the possibilities? Will you dare to believe that things can be different?

There is more to be learnt, more to see, more to dream, more to understand. New technologies, new dimensions, new ways of being. There is more to explore, more to imagine, as you break through into the dawn of something more amazing than your dreams and your imaginations could conceive of. You stand on the edge of that time – a time when humanity truly begins to step into its true potential. When the sons and daughters of God truly come into their own power.

There is a time coming when truth will be revealed, where the things you thought you knew will be shaken, and the things you thought impossible will be seen to be more real than you could believe. Here it begins. Here your destiny opens up before you. Here is where truth and fiction, observation and imagination will create something beyond your dreaming. Step into this with all your heart. Walk a path of faith and trust and you will see something beyond your hopes, beyond your vision – the future is beginning with each of you.

You have your part to play, each of you – to want this, to allow this, to long for this, to desire something new. You will desire this with all your heart, longing for a new day to dawn and a new sun to rise – for hope to return to your land, for love to rise above all.

Today, you see dimly, as if through a fog – yet in the days to come you will see with a new clarity – and a new hope.

It is no longer about land, or about possessions, about property, or belongings, or territory, but about people – individuals, groups, families – about love shared between people.

Are you ready to open yourself up? To share yourselves? To love one another? To have compassion, to be ready to bring a word, a touch, to listen, to care? Are you ready to stand beside one another and declare “this is my brother – this is my sister”? Are you ready to let Love take over and touch you deep within, so you will never, can never be the same again?

So here is the challenge that God gives you…the opportunity, the promise… open yourself up again to love and to care, to give yourselves to one another. Love as you have been loved. Care for one another. Care for your planet. Care for those that share this precious world with you. Let your true nature shine.. let love out. And walk in freedom.

Remember one thing. God loves you.


So what’s next?

I don’t have a programme for you to join, a movement to subscribe to or an event to come along to. I believe those things will come, and soon. For now, I’d love to be able to stay in touch with you – and perhaps we can explore “what’s next” together. Right now I am putting a programme together to delve more deeply into what this means – to find ways of putting this into practice in our lives. I’m going to be doing a lot of that through my blog, which is at– please go over there and if you put your email address in, I will be able to send you regular thoughts, insights and news as it gets written. Please email me with thoughts, comments and questions through

But for you – well, I hope you explore these thoughts more. Read what you’re led to read. Look for people that you can learn from. Expect to meet people that share the same thoughts as you do. Dare to believe that God wants to talk to you.

And know, above all things – that you’re OK, and that God loves you.


About me

My name is Timothy Hodgson. I do not have any official credentials to write this letter, to create this programme. I’m not a church leader, a reverend, a pastor, a preacher. I’m just an ordinary human being. In fact, if I was choosing someone to write this, I don’t think I would choose me. Which is, perhaps, why God did.

So…I’ve been on a spiritual journey since my early teenage years – sitting every week discussing faith and Christianity with one of my high school teachers, thinking through ideas of the nature of God which would, thirty years later, seem remarkably familiar. It took the warm affection of the local Methodist Church youth group (and the love of a beautiful woman, my girlfriend for three of the most important years of my life) to thaw the coldness around my scientific heart. Thus began a friendship with God that would last for fifteen years and then disintegrate in a supernova of disappointment and frustration.

In search of a faith that would make a difference, and in search of the supernatural power of God, I became part of the fledgling UK charismatic movement, looking for restoration of the supernatural power of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. For some reason best known to themselves, the university Christian Union elected me as their president (somewhat apologetically, perhaps – apparently, they wanted someone else to do it). And yet with an amazing group of people around me, we made a real difference in people’s lives and built a church that was full of life and light, that sought to follow God with all their hearts.

After university, I joined a church that believed in the power of the spirit of God, and was expected to become part of their leadership team – my growing gifts of teaching, of prophecy and vision touching the congregation with both wisdom and clarity.

And yet I found myself frustrated with my lack of spiritual progress. When I prayed, heaven seemed deaf. I struggled with my faith, with my weakness, and with my marriage. And eventually, with a heart crushed by my own failure, I left the church, my faith destroyed.

Following a painful divorce, I found no real connection to God for fifteen years, choosing to find peace in a series of brief and empty relationships, and a pursuit of adventure and excitement.

In 2005, I decided to leave a well paid global consultancy role with a major multinational company to start my own business – and while I learned a lot about the tools of personal development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of the mind, the Law of Attraction, life coaching and more, I failed spectacularly to create a working business – despite being lauded as one of the trainers most likely to succeed, I ran up personal debts of over £60,000 and was brought to the edge of bankruptcy. I lost my house, my car, my possessions, my business – forced to take a basic call centre job just to put food on the table.

And yet, in all of this, God was speaking. I spent hours every morning, clutching a cup of coffee to keep me warm against the biting winter cold, praying to a God I barely knew, asking for answers – and a solution.

And slowly, answers came. Not from the direction I expected, but from a myriad different directions – from the whispers of truth in the New Age movement, from the pages of the Conversations with God books, from the heart of Hawai’ian shamanism. From the gurus of internet marketing, from movies and books such as ‘The Secret’. I looked into Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, into meditation, personal development. I began training for the ministry. I read avidly, took part in seminars, helped coach workshops, crew live events. I longed for answers to the questions.

And yet, none came. Or not the ones I was expecting.

What I heard was a voice calling me to a new relationship with God. To a friendship with the Divine. And I ran. Scared of what that might mean – I had been through enough with my earlier experiences – and I didn’t want to repeat that failure again. And yet, still the voice called out to me, calling me into a relationship, a walk with God. Demanding my attention. And as I listened, I felt the same call as Moses on my life. ‘Set my people free’.

I don’t have answers. I don’t have a theology. All I can tell you is what I experience every day. Sometimes I hear God speak to me – but mostly, all I have to go on is a feeling, and a conviction that God is speaking to each of us – and that God has a purpose for each of us.

I don’t even believe in me very much. Somewhere along this journey, I’ve found a lot of people who can see more in me than I can see myself – people who value my wisdom and insight, my love and compassion – people who think more of me than I do of myself. People who I have learnt to trust.

I’ve resisted writing this love letter for a long time… afraid that I could not do it justice, afraid that I would not be able to hear God’s voice, that I would destroy the message. And yet God has been insistent. Relentless. And I have been afraid to release it, too – fearful of what people would think, about how it might be received.

So, would I choose me for this message? Probably not.

And yet I offer this to you. I believe it is from the heart of God. I believe that each of us need to listen to that message… to understand it, to let it wrap itself round us and embrace us – to allow it to melt through the hardness of our hearts. We keep ourselves prisoners, you know – locked into the cells created by our own lack of faith in ourselves. And it’s time to set ourselves free. Free to be incredible. Free to fulfil our destiny. Free to live as God intended us to live.

I simply pray that you have an open heart, to hear what God wants to say to you. I pray that you approach this without preconceptions, without prejudice, without dogma – but with an open heart, an open spirit – and that you allow God to speak to you.

With my love to each one of you.


Timothy Hodgson

You can book Timothy to speak on the contents of the Love Letter to the World – to inspire, to challenge, to encourage, to bring hope, to bring kindness, to bring love and to bring life. Timothy also speaks regularly on Personal Success, Prosperity and the power to create your life and step into your destiny. You can contact Timothy at

Learn more at the web site and blog at

PS Please share this with your friends using the share buttons below. And if you’ve got any comments and thoughts, you can give me feedback on the blog site too… I’d love to hear from you


6 responses

6 08 2011

awesome – gave me shivers x

6 08 2011
Paul Hemmings

Courageous Tim – hold on, keep on….

9 08 2011

So you are God’s chosen spokesperson on earth? I have to be honest Tim, that doesn’t sound very likely really, when you stand back and look at it without mystic-tinted-lenses. One in seven billon.

Best of luck with your endevour to spread peace and love (always a worthwhile thing to be doing), give me a shout when you get to the water to wine part 🙂

10 08 2011
Tim Hodgson

If I sort the water into wine part… I’ll be holding a party.

10 08 2011
Tim Hodgson

Went away, thought about that for a bit . .

Don’t think I said I was God’s chosen spokesperson on earth.. just said I had something that needed to be shared. Doesn’t make me special – just means I am sharing what’s on my heart – and felt I simply couldn’t hold that to myself. I’m a teacher – I chose to be that, to teach what is true for me. So did you – you choose to teach what’s true for you, which happens to be dance. And you’re very good at it! Perhaps I’m not, yet. Did I feel fearful, foolish and scared of what the response might be when I posted that? Hell, yeah. Did I put things off for weeks considering the implications of wearing my heart on my sleeve? Darned right I did.

Am I one in seven billion? No. Because there are a lot of other folk out there, doing the same thing. Christian, New Spirituality, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, atheist. Some of them are subscribed to this blog. Some of them don’t even know that’s what they are doing. But they are just sharing a little bit of love… and in my book, that’s sharing a little bit of God.

And does the world – and in particular the UK – need a little bit more love right not? Oh, yes. Maybe what I’ve written will help. Just a little bit…

13 08 2011

When I read this piece Tim I thought it was wonderful to hear about the importance of spreading love and peace, but I was a bit weirded out by the whole ‘this-is-God-speaking-through-me’ aspect of it. Strip out the God references, the confusing language that eludes to some sort of messianic complex and the words that are left are wonderful.

With religion being responsible for so much of the world’s pain and suffering I have to admit that to me ‘God’s love’ becomes an oxymoron of gargantuan proportion. Perhaps it’s time to move away from waiting for Mr Omnipotent to show us the way, and start taking responsibility for our own actions. Steer our own course, guided by our own morals.

I understand that this is not as cosy as a make-believe man in the sky who we can all blame when things go wrong, but imagine the world living life in peace. Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living for today…

I sincerely hope that you letter does provoke thought, debate and more importantly an increase in peace.

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